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Many years ago I got to see Michael Ball sing this on Broadway in Andrew Lloyd Weber‘s short-lived musical ‘Aspects of Love‘.  Though undeniably schmaltzy, the song stuck in my head, like any classic Broadway show tune does.  Though the musical was one of the biggest flops in Broadway history, every now and then some life or love thing happens that sends me digging in my CD pile so I can give it another listen.  Tonight, when this randomly got stuck in my head again, I turned to YouTube.  Each version seems sappier than the one before it, yet if you listen to the words, they capture an essential truth I’ve been experiencing.

A couple of days ago I got to share stories with a favorite client from years ago.  He shared his harrowing tales of a month in the ICU and I shared mine.  His story was so different in many ways, and I felt grateful that my journey was so short and simple in comparison to his.  He fought for his life with every fiber of his being.  He was young, just getting started in his career, and full of possibilities when a skiing accident left him literally shattered.  He shared that he used to dream while on the ventilator of what he could do with his life if he could just get the use of one finger and a thumb.  He fantasized about the paintings he’d paint, the feats he’d accomplish, the difference he could make… if only he’d get to be a quadriplegic.  And the thing he remembered most from all of it?  The Love.  The incredible Love that was woven throughout his experience.  The Love he felt inside… and the Love that poured out to him from all around.  This Love changed everything.

As we talked about these things, it was the sort of exchange where I talked and he listened… he related, then he shared while I listened.  We each found similarities and differences that were comforting and eye-opening.  When love showed up in the conversation – that Love – the Love that overwhelmed and inspired him… moved and grew him… I knew everything changed.  We were no longer having a conversation – the conversation was having us.  We’d hit that sweet spot where good conversation turns great.  Through entering that next layer of vulnerability, we were on a shared journey of a deeper understanding of what this life just might be all about.

The lyrics:

Love changes everything:
Hands and faces,
Earth and sky,
Love changes everything:
How you live and
How you die

Can make the summer fly,
Or a night
Seem like a lifetime.

Yes, Love,
Love changes everything:
Now I tremble
At your name.
Nothing in the
World will ever
Be the same.

Love changes everything:
Days are longer,
Words mean more.
Love changes everything:
Pain is deeper
Than before.

Will turn your world around,
And that world
Will last for ever.

Yes, Love,
Love changes everything,
Brings you glory,
Brings you shame.
Nothing in the
World will ever
Be the same.
Into the world we go,
Planning futures,
Shaping years.
Bursts in, and suddenly
All our wisdom

Makes fools of everyone:
All the rules
We make are broken.

Yes, Love,
Love changes everyone.
Live or perish
In its flame.
Love will never,
Never let you
Be the same.

May love – capital ‘L’ Love – change everything for you too.

It’s in the exchange where the magic happens.  As always, I invite and encourage your comments and/or stories of how love changed everything in your world… for a moment or a lifetime.

With gratitude and love,



Comments on: "Love Changes Everything" (4)

  1. you always get me thinking. thank you. the first thing that came up for me, from pretty close to the surface, is the life changing love I have felt since finding out I was pregnant with each of my children. The love I have felt since the very beginning is so deep, and powerful, and life changing. When my kids are good, I am good. When my kids are unhappy, I am unhappy deep inside. When someone hurts my kids, the momma bear in me rises up on her back legs and roars, and swats, and is ready to kill for them, and that love, that deep deep in my bones, in my soul, pouring from my heart love, changes everything. everything.

    love, vicki

  2. Helen House said:

    Vicki ~ I so appreciate the way you engage with me here. You always offer a thoughtful reply to my posts. The way you dig in and share nearly always brings tears to my eyes – today was no exception. You gave me a look into motherhood that shifted something inside me……….. both in what I recognize and can relate to easily, and in what caught me off guard. I don’t have words for it yet, but I will find them on my walk this morning…. More to come….
    Love, Helen

  3. Helen — I must be a super-duper nerd because I don’t find that song schmaltzy at all. 🙂

    Funny, I am today basking in a very fresh new realization that I’ve been chipping away at a big (for me) decision from a non-love perspective. I was holding my feelings about the circumstance ahead of my feelings about another person. When I switched that around, in other words, when I came from love, the entire flow of the decision is changed. There are still some circumstantial details to work out, but the general path is now crystal clear. Love does change everything.

    Thanks for the song, the post, your words, your wisdom your beauty and your magical presence!

    Love, Martha

    • helenhouse said:

      Martha ~ I love your super-duper nerdiness! What a great example of shifting perspective and using love as the crowbar to pop you into clarity. Funny how the circumstances just become ‘details to work out’, rather than reasons we can’t. Thanks for sharing!! (Hey, I miss you!) ~ xo, Helen

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